When I was, in real life, a postgraduate student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, there was indeed a porter of the old school who claimed that the building was haunted. And, yes, a young colleague of mine - a reader of the Skeptical Equirer - did make a few informal enquiries. In reality, nothing came of his investigations.

Now, perhaps any sixth sense I have was atrophied years ago, but I personally never felt that there was any kind of supernatural presence in the place despite being in the building at all hours of the day and night.

So, this story is a "what if..."; what if reality had not been such a boring party-pooper? What if there was something strange and mysterious going on in the place? What if my colleague had been a little more diligent in his investigations? On the other hand, just think that it is sometimes better not to look too closely, in case of what you might find?

Part 2