Yes, the ancient market town of Hebden Bridge really does exist, as does the old stone bridge I describe. I heartily recommend you visit both, should you find yourself at a loss in West Yorkshire, although the town does get very busy with tourists at the weekend. But, if you arrive sufficiently early, you should have no problems parking, or of course you could travel by bus or train.

The idea for this story came from driving right past the bridge on a regular basis, on my way to work. I mean right past: the backstreets short-cut I used every day takes me directly along the riverside and past the ancient stonework.

I have also visited on foot with friends and assorted children. It was amusing to speculate on just what the area would have been like when the bridge was built several hundred years ago, without the refinements and embellishments of more modern construction.

This is quite a short, short story for me. There is always a temptation to put in more words, to pad, but I would like to think that it is better this way.

Part 2