I came across some notes for a very early version of the first chapter of what eventually became my novel New Bridge to Lyndesfarne. I had already completed a draft of this book and was working on the second in the series (Bridge at War). It had been such a long time that I had almost forgotten about this attempt, which I discovered was in quite a different voice that I finally adopted for the novels.

Old causeway and bridge I thought it would be fun to write a story in a different style, but sharing the same setting and characters. So the bridge and causeway is described, much as in the later novels, and the Guardians, as an organisation, make an appearance here too. But there are some differences: the two worlds are here referred to as Mundane (our universe) and Magic - which I later started calling The World of Lyndesfarne. In fact, I had not even definitely placed the crossing at Lyndesfarne when I wrote those first notes.

Part 2